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Radial Station
Radial Station

Credit: NASA. 8,164 bytes. 671 x 329 pixels.

Class: Manned. Type: Space Station. Nation: USA. Agency: NASA.

4 Module Station4 Module Station

Credit: NASA. 6,645 bytes. 511 x 374 pixels.

The first space station designs using the Saturn V launch vehicle involved spinning stations, providing artificial G for the crew. This resulted in a number of interesting single-launch designs with unfolding station structures. By the mid-1960's these had been abandoned at NASA in favour of zero-G monolithic stations.

Rigid Station 1Rigid Station 1

Credit: NASA. 7,189 bytes. 439 x 269 pixels.


Rigid Station 2Rigid Station 2

Credit: NASA. 4,071 bytes. 326 x 216 pixels.

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