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Class: Manned. Type: Logistics. Nation: USSR.

Remova was a Soviet Manned Maneuvering Unit design that first appeared in a German book in 1967. It was said that the study was made at the beginning of the 1960's. The Remova design looked like a "tin can"; the cosmonaut had to climb in and moved it with help of small thrusters. Remova was connected with a cable to the manned vehicles it worked on. The unit was equipped with manipulators and work tools. The purpose was for cosmonauts to work easily under dangerous conditions (even within the Van Allen radiation belts). They also allowed the cosmonaut to work on dangerous parts of space vehicles (including inspection of enemy satellites).


Craft.Crew Size: 1. Total Length: 2.0 m. Maximum Diameter: 1.0 m.


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