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Progress Zenit
Progress Zenit
Drawing of Zenit-launched Progress M2 logistics craft for support of the international space station (cancelled).

Credit: © Mark Wade. 3,380 bytes. 639 x 141 pixels.

Other Designations: 11F615A75. Article Number: 11F615A77. Manufacturer's Designation: 7K-TGM2. Class: Manned. Type: Logistics. Nation: USSR. Manufacturer: NPOE.

As Phase 2 of the third generation Soviet space systems it was planned to use a more capable resupply craft for the Mir-2 space station. By using the Zenit launch vehicle the Progress M service module module could accomodate much larger cargo or space station modules. The planned Progress-M2 11F615A75 was originally designed for use with the 90 tonne module Mir-2. Redesigned in 1992-1993 for use with the more modest Mir-2 it had a revised index number of 11F615A77. The 13.3 tonne, 12.6 m long vehicle consists of the 5.3 tonne service module, a 2.3 tonne pressurised forward module equipped with a docking port, and could hold 5.7 tonnes of cargo. It could also be outfitted as a laboratory and left docked with the Mir-2.

Progress-ZenitProgress-Zenit - Progress Zenit Cutaway

Credit: © Mark Wade. 4,913 bytes. 639 x 140 pixels.

After the cancellation of Mir-2 and its incorporation into the International Space Station, Progress M2 was at first considered as the resupply craft. But as Russia's financial crisis deepened, and in recognition that the booster for the spacecraft was not built in a foreign country (the Ukraine), the design was dropped.

Total Length: 12.6 m. Maximum Diameter: 3.0 m. Total Mass: 13,300 kg. Total Payload: 5,700 kg.


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