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Class: Military. Type: ASAT. Nation: USA. Agency: US Air Force.

Program 922 was a non-nuclear sub-orbital ASAT in development in the late 1960's. It would have been launched by a Thor IRBM from Johnson Atoll, using the facilities developed for the Program 437 nuclear ASAT. Program 922 would have used infrared homing and a high explosive warhead. Four 'Alternate Payload' tests of the Program 437 ASAT in 1965-1966 may have been related to development of this system.

In 1972 a hurricane hit Johnson Atoll and damaged the guidance computers beyond economic repair. In May of the same year the SALT-1 Treat was signed, which prohibited 'interference with national means of verification'. These two events resulted in the end of Program 922. Further ASAT development by the US Air Force concentrated on more flexible air-launched solid-fuel systems.



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