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TOS - 1969
TOS - 1969
TOS - N1 launched space station - 1969

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Class: Manned. Type: Space Station. Nation: Russia. Manufacturer: Korolev.

By 1969 the OS-1 had evolved to this configuration, as described in the offical RKK history. In 1991 engineers from Energia and other design bureaus taught a course on "Russian Manned Space" at MIT. Among them was Dr. Vladimir Karrask, the first chief designer for the UR-500 (Proton), who told of a shroud he designed for the N-1. The shroud was cylindrical - 6 m diameter x 30 m long - with a very "Proton-like" blunt conical top. He indicated that it had flown on the N-1. Another engineer, S. K. Shaevich, stated that flight hardware (including a backup) was ready for the N-1 flights. There are those who believe that the last two N-1 flights had the Karrask shroud, and possibly the OS-1 station, mounted on them. It is not known if any OS-1 stations actually reached any stage of completion. All plans for the OS-1 had to be constantly deferred until the N1 booster proved itself. This did not prevent the design team from undertaking an even more grandiose study - the MKBS - in which OS-1 derived modules would form mere subunits of a huge space complex. At any rate the termination of the N-1 launch vehicle program ended any possibility of launching the station - unless it was the same as the Mir 2 jumbo space station that was planned for launch by the Energia booster in the 1990's.

OS-1 Space StationOS-1 Space Station

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Craft.Crew Size: 6. Total Length: 25.0 m. Maximum Diameter: 6.0 m. Total Habitable Volume: 510.00 m3. Total Mass: 75,000 kg. Electrical System: 6 solar panels totalling 110 sq m.

OS-1 (1969) Chronology

14 February 1967 Fairing for OS space station authorised. Launch Vehicle: N1.

Ministry of General Machine Building (MOM) Decree 'On construction of the N1 payload fairing by the Khrunichev Plant' was issued.


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