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Orland-D -

Credit: (c) Mark Wade. 27,339 bytes. 206 x 469 pixels.

Class: Manned. Type: Space Suits. Nation: USSR. Manufacturer: Zvezda.

The Orlan spacesuit was used for Russian EVA's on Salyut, Mir, and the International Space Station. It was designed by the Zvezda OKB, and derived from the Kretchet suit intended for use on the lunar surface. It consisted of flexible limbs attached to a one-piece rigid body / helmet unit. The suit was entered through a hatch in the rear of the torso. The exterior of the hatch housed the life support equipment. Maximum operation time was three hours when the Orlan-D version of the suit was first used on Salyut 6. Later Orlan-DM versions of the suit increased this period to nine hours. The integrated design meant that no external hoses were required as in the American space suits. The suit standard pressure was 0.40 atmospheres, so that a prebreathe period of only 30 minutes was required. Electrical power and communications were via an umbilical cord to the station. Control of the suit was via a panel on the chest, with the markings in mirror image. The cosmonaut viewed the panel using a mirror on the wrist of the suit.



Credit: Zvezda. 43,157 bytes. 350 x 376 pixels.


Credit: Zvezda. 35,466 bytes. 235 x 350 pixels.

Orlan space suitOrlan space suit

Credit: David van der Ven. 43,385 bytes. 325 x 417 pixels.

Orlan DrawingOrlan Drawing

Credit: NASA. 31,170 bytes. 300 x 338 pixels.

Orlan DM SpacesuitOrlan DM Spacesuit - Orlan DM spacesuit used on Mir.

Credit: Andy Salmon. 26,067 bytes. 250 x 493 pixels.

Spacesuit OrlanSpacesuit Orlan - Orlan space suit as used on Salyut 7 and Mir space stations.

Credit: Zvezda. 21,342 bytes. 262 x 330 pixels.

Orlan space suitOrlan space suit

Credit: © Mark Wade. 23,379 bytes. 232 x 433 pixels.

Mir EVAMir EVA - Mir EVA - Solar Panel

Credit: RKK Energia. 13,735 bytes. 308 x 238 pixels.

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