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OKM-2 Spaceplane
OKM-2 Spaceplane -

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Class: Manned. Type: Spaceplane. Nation: USSR. Manufacturer: Molniya.

The OK-M2 was designed by NPO Molniya as a follow-on to the OK-M of NPO Energia with less development cost and risk than the OK-M1 / MMKS. The OK-M2 would be launched in a conventional manner on the nose of an Energia-M launch vehicle. The transition fairing from the orbiter to the launch vehicle was equipped with solid rocket motors for aborts in the case of launch vehicle failure. The solid rockets would be used for final orbital insertion normally, maximising manoeuvring propellant reserves aboard the orbiter. Total mass of the Energia-M with the OK-M2 was 1060 tonnes at lift-off.

The OK-M2 had the same shape as the OK-M1, a straight delta wings joined to a broad fuselage with an upturned nose. Uniquely the OK-M1 used liquid oxygen and ethanol both as orbital manoeuvring system propellants and to operate three 7 kW generators for electrical power. These were supplemented with lithium batteries. The two power buses together could provide up to 60 kW of power at 270 V.

Three 2700 kgf main engines were supplemented by a reaction control system of 19 x 40 kgf and 8 x 2.5 kgf thrusters. Normal crew was four. Up to four additional passengers could be transported if required in a special module in the cargo bay. Landing mass of the OK-M2 without payload was 17,600 kg. With a crew of four the OK-M2 could deliver 10,000 kg of payload to a 250 km orbit. Payload delivered to a 450 km space station orbit was 6,000 kg. Maximum payload that could be returned to earth was 8,000 kg. The cargo bay was 2.85 m diameter x 6.17 m long, with a total volume of 40 cubic metres.


OKM-2 BoosterOKM-2 Booster

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Craft.Crew Size: 8. Total Length: 15.0 m. Maximum Diameter: 5.6 m. Total Mass: 30,000 kg. Total Payload: 10,000 kg. Total Propellants: 2,700 kg. Primary Engine Thrust: 8,100 kgf. Main Engine Propellants: N2O4/UDMH.


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