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Class: Surveillance. Type: Military. Nation: Israel. Agency: IAI (Israeli Aircraft Industries). Manufacturer: ISA/MBT.

Ofeq 3 is Israel's new imaging surveillance satellite. The spacecraft is an advancement over the previous Ofeq designs, however, is not capable of offering significant military-grade imagery. Spacecraft: 3-axis control system providing 0.1 deg astronomical-class pointing accuracy. Data rate 15 kbit/sec; command rate 5 kbit/sec. Payload mass was officially noted as 36 kg Power provided by twin 3-panel solar wings totalling 3.6 m. Rafael provided the blowdown Hydrazine Propulsion Module for despin from 65 rpm, final orbit positioning, stationkeeping and momentum wheel unloading. There are two branches of six 5 N and one 25 N thrusters. Payload: Visible and ultraviolet imagery with resolutions of approximately 1 metre. Very little information is available on the payloads.
Follow-on Amos satellite costs projected as 7 units at $ 60 million each.


Design Life: 2 years. Total Length: 2.4 m. Maximum Diameter: 1.2 m. Total Mass: 189 kg.

Ofeq 3 Chronology

05 April 1995 Ofeq-3 Program: Offeq. Launch Site: Palmachim . Launch Vehicle: Shavit. Mass: 189 kg. Perigee: 366 km. Apogee: 694 km. Inclination: 143.4 deg.
22 January 1998 Ofeq-4 Program: Offeq. Launch Site: Palmachim . Launch Vehicle: Shavit. FAILURE: Launch vehicle failed during second stage burn.

Fell in Mediterranean Sea.


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