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SSTL Nanosatellite
SSTL Nanosatellite -

Credit: NASA. 13,515 bytes. 200 x 150 pixels.

Class: Technology. Nation: UK.

Basic Surrey Nanosat bus.


Total Mass: 6 kg.

Nanosat SSTL Chronology

28 June 2000 SNAP 1 Launch Site: Plesetsk . Launch Vehicle: Kosmos 11K65M. Mass: 6 kg. Perigee: 691 km. Apogee: 710 km. Inclination: 98.1 deg.

The SNAP-1 Surrey Nanosatellite Applications Platform was a 6 kg satellite with imager and propulsion. It was to test rendezvous techniques by formation flying with the Tsinghua satellite placed in orbit on the same launch.

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