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SSTL Minisatellite
SSTL Minisatellite -

Credit: NASA. 8,392 bytes. 167 x 178 pixels.

Class: Technology. Nation: UK.

Basic Surrey Minisat bus.


Total Mass: 325 kg.

Minisat SSTL Chronology

21 April 1999 UoSAT-12 Launch Site: Baikonur . Launch Vehicle: Dnepr. Mass: 325 kg. Perigee: 638 km. Apogee: 652 km. Inclination: 64.6 deg.

First launch of Russia's Dnepr launch vehicle, a converted R-36M2 ICBM. The Dnepr was launched from a silo. The third stage maneuvring bus (used on the ICBM for dispensing multiple warheads) placed UoSAT-12 into a 638 km x 652 km x 64.6 deg orbit. The third stage separated from the payload at 05:13 GMT and then made a burn into a 599 km x 1403 km x 64.6 deg orbit. UoSAT-12 was the first test of the Minibus platform, at 325 kg a larger spacecraft than earlier 50 kg Surrey UoSATs. It carried a mobile radio experiment (MERLION), a GPS receiver, and imaging cameras.

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