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Mars 1 / 2MV-4
Mars 1 / 2MV-4 - Mars 2MV-4. Other spacecraft in the 2MV series were similar.

Credit: NASA. 22,262 bytes. 329 x 229 pixels.

Manufacturer's Designation: 2MV-3. Class: Planetary. Type: Venus. Nation: USSR. Manufacturer: Korolev.

Mars probe intended to make a soft landing on Mars.


Total Mass: 890 kg.

Mars 2MV-3 Chronology

04 November 1962 Sputnik 24 Program: Mars. Launch Site: Baikonur . Launch Vehicle: Molniya 8K78. FAILURE: After T+260 sec, a malfunction of the pressurisation system of the central sustainer led to cavitation in the oxidiser pipeline and LOX pump, followd at T+292s by the fuel pump. Mass: 890 kg. Perigee: 170 km. Apogee: 170 km. Inclination: 64.8 deg.

Mars probe intended to make a soft landing on Mars. Although the escape stage and payload reached orbit, the strong third stage vibrations shook a fuse loose from its mount in the main nozzle of the escape stage Block L's engine. The engine could not be ignited and remained in Earth orbit. It decayed about two months after insertion.


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