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Navy Mk 3 Suit
Navy Mk 3 Suit -

Credit: USN. 10,072 bytes. 126 x 335 pixels.

Class: Manned. Type: Space Suits. Nation: USA. Manufacturer: Goodrich.

Most of the emphasis in the newly formed USAF was directed towards partial pressure suits while the USN placed their emphasis on omni-environmental full pressure suits to combine altitude and immersion protection. The Mark 1 Mod III Suit-Omni-Environmental full pressure Suit was the result of these USN developments. The suit was made in many modifications over a ten year period by B.F. Goodrich. Suits had been developed earlier by Goodrich for the 1942 Doolittle mission against Tokyo.

The Mark series of US Navy full pressure suits which followed and were developed from alphanumeric developmental models, included the bulky Mark I (1956), a lighter, slightly reconfigured suit known as the Mark II, and an even lighter Mark III suit (some versions with gold lamé outer layer) with improved internal ventilation system.



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