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LZM lunar factory
LZM lunar factory -

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Other Designations: Laboroatorno-zavodskoy modul'. Manufacturer's Designation: Vulkan-launched version. Class: Manned. Type: Lunar Base. Nation: Russia. Manufacturer: Korolev.

LZM = Laboroatorno-zavodskoy modul' = Laboratory-Factory Module. Single story, four-lobed facility dedicated to lunar surface biological and physics research and production of oxygen from lunar soil for long-duration stay on the lunar surface. Clockwise, from the entry ladder: airlock; biological laboratory; oxygen production factory with scoop for digging lunar soil; physics-chemistry laboratory. An attic above the center contained hydroponic facilities for growing fresh food. Equipment weights: Biological lab, 950 kg; Physics-chemistry lab, 1,920 kg; oxygen factory, 3,200 kg. The LZM would be normally tended by one operator, who would live in the LZhM.


Craft.Crew Size: 1. Total Length: 4.5 m. Maximum Diameter: 8.0 m. Total Habitable Volume: 100.00 m3. Total Mass: 15,500 kg. Total Payload: 6,070 kg. Electric system: 8.00 total average kW. Electrical System: Solar thermal.

LZM lunar factoryLZM lunar factory

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Vulkan LEKVulkan LEK - Vulkan launched Lunar Expeditionary Complex compared with N1-L3

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