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Ye-8 Lunar Lander
Ye-8 Lunar Lander - Ye-8 robot lunar soil return spacecraft.

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Manufacturer's Designation: Ye-8-LS. Class: Planetary. Type: Lunar. Nation: USSR. Manufacturer: Lavochkin.

Lunar surface mapping. Lunar Orbit (Selenocentric). Investigation of the moon and near-lunar space from the orbit of an artificial satellite.


Total Mass: 5,820 kg.

Luna Ye-8-LS Chronology

28 September 1971 Luna 19 Program: Luna. Launch Site: Baikonur . Launch Vehicle: Proton 8K82K / 11S824. Mass: 5,810 kg. Perigee: 140 km. Apogee: 140 km. Inclination: 40.6 deg.

Heavy lunar Orbiter; conducted lunar surface mapping. Luna 19 entered an intermediate earth parking orbit and was then put on a translunar trajectory by the Proton Block D stage. It entered lunar orbit on October 3, 1971. Luna 19 extended the systematic study of lunar gravitational fields and location of mascons (mass concentrations). It also studied the lunar radiation environment, the gamma-active lunar surface, and the solar wind. Photographic coverage via a television system was also obtained. Parameters are for lunar orbit.

29 May 1974 Luna 22 Program: Luna. Launch Site: Baikonur . Launch Vehicle: Proton 8K82K / 11S824. Mass: 5,835 kg. Perigee: 220 km. Apogee: 220 km. Inclination: 19.6 deg.

Heavy lunar orbiter. Scientific investigation of the moon and circumlunar space from the orbit of an artificial satellite of the Moon, which was begun by the Luna 19 automatic station. The spacecraft carried imaging cameras and also had the objectives of studying the Moon's magnetic field, surface gamma ray emissions and composition of lunar surface rocks, and the gravitational field, as well as micrometeoroids and cosmic rays. Luna 22 braked into a circular lunar orbit on 2 June 1974. The spacecraft made many orbit adjustments over its 18 month lifetime in order to optimise the operation of various experiments, lowering the perilune to as low as 25 km. Manoeuvring fuel was exhausted on 2 September and the mission was ended in early November. Parameters are for lunar orbit.


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