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Lunokhod LEK
Lunokhod LEK -

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Manufacturer's Designation: Manned Vulkan-launched version. Class: Manned. Type: Lunar rover. Nation: Russia. Manufacturer: Korolev.

Lunar rover for the Lunar Expedition. The rover provided pressurized quarters for 2 crew, allowing trips up to 200 km from the lunar base at a top speed of 5 km/hr. The 2.25 tonne generating station provided 8 kw of solar power to run the motor. Each 12 day trip would use 200 kg of life support consumables.


Craft.Crew Size: 2. Design Life: 12 days. Total Length: 8.0 m. Maximum Diameter: 4.5 m. Total Habitable Volume: 25.00 m3. Total Mass: 8,200 kg. Electric system: 8.00 total average kW. Electrical System: Solar panels.


Lunokhod DLBLunokhod DLB

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Lunokhod LEKLunokhod LEK

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