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Lockheed EEOED
Lockheed EEOED - Lockheed Emergency Earth Orbital Escape Device - 3 crew

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Other Designations: Emergency Earth Orbital Escape Device. Class: Manned. Type: Bailout. Nation: USA. Manufacturer: Lockheed.

Lockheed's EEOED was a three-crew Discovery-type re-entry vehicle. Unlike other concepts, it was equipped with a wide 1 m diameter hatch and provided a pressurized shirt-sleeve enivronment for the three crew. New lightweight heat shield technologies would, it was claimed, make possible a total mass for three crew less than that of the original one-crew Mercury capsule. Mass per crew: 413 kg.


Craft.Crew Size: 3. Total Length: 3.7 m. Maximum Diameter: 2.9 m. Total Mass: 1,240 kg. Main Engine Propellants: Solid.


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