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LEK Lunar Lander
LEK Lunar Lander - Lunar lander of the Lunar Expeditionary Complex (LEK).

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Other Designations: Lunniy ekspeditionniy korabl'. Manufacturer's Designation: Vulkan-launched version. Class: Manned. Type: Lunar Lander. Nation: Russia. Manufacturer: Korolev.

LEK = Lunniy ekspeditionniy korabl', lunar expedition spacecraft. As in the original LK lunar lander, this would be taken to near zero velocity near the lunar surface by the Vulkan Block V 'lunar crasher' rocket stage. It would then descend to the lunar surface using a landing stage nearly identical to the American lunar module descent stage. This landing stage however would primarily provide propulsion of the upper Ascent/earth recovery stage to a trans-earth trajectory. The Ascent/earth recovery stage consisted of a re-entry capsule in the shape of but larger than the Soyuz descent module, encapsulated in a larger pressurised volume providing crew quarters and equipment storage.


Craft.Crew Size: 3. Design Life: 365 days. Orbital Storage: 365.00 days. Total Length: 9.7 m. Maximum Diameter: 5.5 m. Total Mass: 31,000 kg. Electrical System: Solar panels.


Vulkan LEKVulkan LEK - Vulkan launched Lunar Expeditionary Complex compared with N1-L3

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LEK - VulkanLEK - Vulkan - LEK - Vulkan-launched version

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LEK LK moon landerLEK LK moon lander - LEK LK moon lander Vulkan-launched

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