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Class: Military. Type: FOBS. Nation: USSR. Agency: MO. Manufacturer: NPO Energia.

To co-ordinate the actions of multiple space combat units, NPO Energia proposedin the 1980's a KS space station. This would consist of a core built of targeting and base modules based on the DOS-7K, a command module based on the TKS, a Zarya ballistic shuttle for crew rotation. Docked to the core would be military free-flying autonomous modules which would dispense nuclear warheads in re-entry vehicles of both ballistic and gliding types. The structure and various systems of these wingless autonomous modules would be based on the Buran space shuttle. Prototypes would be built from the various experimental Buran airframes built during the development of the spacecraft. On command the military modules would separate from station and manoeuvre extensively before positioning themselves for attack of enemy targets on the ground or in space. On special command from the national authorities the enemy targets would be engaged with nuclear weapons.


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