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Class: Technology. Type: RV. Nation: USA. Agency: NASA.

Launch vehicle test.


Total Mass: 17,100 kg.

Jupiter nose cone Chronology

29 January 1964 Saturn 5 Program: Apollo. Launch Site: Cape Canaveral . Launch Vehicle: Saturn I. Mass: 17,100 kg. Perigee: 274 km. Apogee: 740 km. Inclination: 31.4 deg.

First first mission of Block II Saturn with two live stages. SA-5, a vehicle development flight, was launched from Cape Kennedy Complex 37B at 11:25:01.41, e.s.t. This was the first flight of the Saturn I Block II configuration (i.e., lengthened fuel tanks in the S-1 and stabilizing tail fins), as well as the first flight of a live (powered) S-IV upper stage. The S-1, powered by eight H-1 engines, reached a full thrust of over 680,400 kilograms (1.5 million pounds) the first time in flight. The S-IV's 41,000 kilogram (90,000-pound-thrust cluster of six liquid-hydrogen RL-10 engines performed as expected. The Block II SA-5 was also the first flight test of the Saturn I guidance system.


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