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Istrebitel Sputnik
Istrebitel Sputnik - I2P ASAT. As far as is known follow-on models (IS-P, IS-MU) and the R-36-launched targets had a similar appearance.

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Article Number: 14F10. Manufacturer's Designation: IS-MU. Code Name: Naryad. Class: Military. Type: ASAT. Nation: USSR.

Improved modernised ASAT/ABM. Reportedly deployed in 1980's without flight test, replacing IS-A. Accepted into military service in 1991. On a visit to LC-92 at Baikonur, Gorbachev was shown a mock-up of Naryad, which had been developed from Chelomei's original UR-100 dual-purpose concept by D A Polyukhin. A few tests of Naryad were sanctioned when the Buran shuttle was delayed. Since the Soviet Union had a large excess of ICBM's compared to the United States, the idea was to take the surplus ICBM's and equip them with anti-satellite/anti-ballistic missile homing vehicles in place of their nuclear warheads. This would have created a 'Space Echelon of Anti-rocket Forces'


Total Mass: 1,400 kg.


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