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Ikonos -

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Class: Surveillance. Type: Civilian. Nation: USA. Agency: Space Imaging. Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin/Sunnyvale.

The first high resolution commercial imaging satellite. It carried a 1-m resolution panchromatic camera and a 4-m resolution color imager, with a 13 km swath width. Built on an LM-900 bus. 6 MR-103G 0.1N thrusters for attitude control.


Total Mass: 726 kg.

Ikonos Chronology

27 April 1999 Ikonos 1 Launch Site: Vandenberg . Launch Vehicle: Athena-2. FAILURE: Payload shroud failed to separate.

Tracking stations downrange did not pick up the spacecraft. It was later determined that the rocket nose fairing failed to separate four minutes after launch. The extra mass caused the vehicle to reenter over the South Pacific on the first partial orbit. Space Imaging's Ikonos 1 was to have been the first commercial imaging satellite with a high a resolution camera.

24 September 1999 Ikonos Launch Site: Vandenberg . Launch Vehicle: Athena-2. Mass: 726 kg. Perigee: 678 km. Apogee: 679 km. Inclination: 98.2 deg.

Commercial / civilian high resolution (1 metre resolution) photograhic satellite.


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