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Istrebitel Sputnik
Istrebitel Sputnik - I2P ASAT. As far as is known follow-on models (IS-P, IS-MU) and the R-36-launched targets had a similar appearance.

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Manufacturer's Designation: I2M. Class: Military. Type: ASAT Target. Nation: USSR. Manufacturer: KBYu.

ASAT Target, launched by R-36. Evidently a derivative of the first I2P ASAT itself. Replaced by the cheaper, lighter ASAT target designed by Yangel for launch by Kosmos launch vehicles.


Total Mass: 1,400 kg.

I2M Chronology

24 April 1968 Cosmos 217 Program: ASAT. Launch Site: Baikonur . Launch Vehicle: Tsyklon. Mass: 1,400 kg. Perigee: 140 km. Apogee: 179 km. Inclination: 62.3 deg.

Unsuccessful launch of ASAT target. Satellite did not separate from last rocket stage. Planned launch of interceptor cancelled.

19 October 1968 Cosmos 248 Program: ASAT. Launch Site: Baikonur . Launch Vehicle: Tsyklon. Mass: 650 kg. Perigee: 475 km. Apogee: 543 km. Inclination: 62.3 deg.

ASAT target. Intercepted repeatedly by Cosmos 249 on 20 October; destroyed by Cosmos 252 on 1 November.


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