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Lunar Ascent
Lunar Ascent - Advanced (Nuclear?) Lunar Landing Vehicle ascent stage departs from Moon as envisioned by Von Braun team in1959.

Credit: US Army. 27,444 bytes. 333 x 252 pixels.

Class: Manned. Type: Lunar Base. Nation: USA.

Horizon LERV Chronology

24 April 1959 All three military services studying a base on the moon Program: Navy Lunar Base.

Testifying before the Senate Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences, Maj. Gen. Bernard A. Schriever, Commander of the Air Force Ballistic Missile Division, stated that all three military services should be studying the possibility of a base on the moon. Up to that point, he felt, all such studies had been "in the blue thinking."


Horizon LERVHorizon LERV - Lunar-Earth Return Vehicle as designed by Von Braun team for Project Horizon

Credit: US Army. 27,665 bytes. 198 x 413 pixels.

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