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HARP 7 & 5 in probes
HARP 7 & 5 in probes - From left to right: HARP 7-1, 7-2, 5-1, and 5-3.

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Nation: Canada.

The original HARP 7-1 gun probe was fundamentally a scaled up version of the 5-1 gun probe and was used for similar payloads.. The 7-1 probe had a mean diameter of 91 mm, a length of 1640 mm, and a flight weight of 27.3 kg. The vehicle was launched at a velocity of 1650 m/s (5400 ft/sec) with a 50 kg (110 lb) charge of M17 propellant.

The 7-1 probe, although serviceable as an atmospheric tool, failed to reach its theoretical apogee in test flights. Although directly scaled from the 5-1 vehicle, it was not optimal for the 7 inch gun ballistics and was simply too heavy. A new vehicle was designed to take these factors into account and the 7-2 probe was created.

by Richard K Graf


Total Length: 1.6 m. Maximum Diameter: 0.1 m. Total Mass: 27 kg.

HARP 7 inch GunHARP 7 inch Gun

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