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Gemini Docked to Centaur for Circumlunar Flight

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Manufacturer's Designation: McDonnell-Douglas. Class: Manned. Type: Lunar orbiter. Nation: USA. Manufacturer: McDonnell-Douglas.

In the first Gemini project plans, it was planned that after a series of test dockings between Gemini and Agena rocket stages, Geminis would dock with Centaur stages for circumlunar flights. This was a threat to Project Apollo and was suppressed.

Gemini-Centaur-LMGemini-Centaur-LM - Gemini-Centaur-LM 640 pixel

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Craft.Crew Size: 2. Maximum Diameter: 3.0 m. Total Habitable Volume: 2.55 m3.


Gemini lunarGemini lunar - Gemini-Centaur docked configuration. Launched seperately, the Gemini would have docked with the Centaur stage in low earth orbit. The Centaur would then fire, placing the Gemini on a circumlunar trajectory.

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