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Gemini B Interior
Gemini B Interior
View of Gemini B control panel. The panel differs substantially from that of NASA's Gemini spacecraft for the MOL mission.

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Manufacturer's Designation: McDonnell-Douglas. Class: Manned. Type: Spacecraft. Nation: USA. Agency: USAF. Manufacturer: McDonnell-Douglas.

Gemini was extensively redesigned for the MOL Manned Orbiting Laboratory program. The resulting Gemini B, although externally similar, was essentially a completely new spacecraft. Gemini B was not designed to fly separately, but rather was launched with the crew aboard attached to the manned orbiting laboratory. After reaching orbit, the crew would shut down the capsules systems and put them into hibernation. They would crawl through an 0.635 m diameter hatch in the heat shield, leading to a tunnel that accessed the MOL itself. After thirty days of operations, the crew would return to the Gemini B, separate from the MOL, and reenter the atmosphere. Gemini B had only 14 hours of 'loiter capability' for autonomous operations after separation from the MOL.

Gemini B HatchGemini B Hatch - View of Gemini B hatch in heat shield, as seen from the interior. Compare it with the equivalent hatch in the Soviet TKS manned spacecraft.

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Many changes were made from the original NASA Gemini, including:

Gemini B would have been flown alone, without an active MOL, unmanned, in two qualification test launches of the Titan 3M booster prior to the first manned MOL flight.

Unit Price $ : 13.00 million. Craft.Crew Size: 2. Orbital Storage: 30.00 days. Total Length: 4.9 m. Maximum Diameter: 3.0 m. Total Habitable Volume: 2.55 m3. Total Mass: 3,851 kg. Primary Engine Thrust: 72 kgf. Main Engine Propellants: N2O4/MMH. Main Engine Isp: 273 sec. Electrical System: Batteries.

Gemini B Chronology

01 December 1970 MOL 1 Program: MOL. Launch Vehicle: Titan 3M.

The first unmanned Gemini-B/Titan 3M qualification flight was planned for late 1970 at the time the program was cancelled.

01 June 1971 MOL 2 Program: MOL. Launch Vehicle: Titan 3M.

The second unmanned Gemini-B/Titan 3M qualification flight would have taken place in 1971 and set the stage for the first manned mission in 1971.


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