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Gemini Ferry
Gemini Ferry - Drawing of Gemini Ferry in flight.

Credit: McDonnell-Douglas. 10,640 bytes. 301 x 167 pixels.

Manufacturer's Designation: McDonnell-Douglas. Class: Manned. Type: Spacecraft. Nation: USA. Manufacturer: McDonnell-Douglas.

The Gemini Ferry vehicle would have been launched by Titan 3M for space station replenishment. A MOL-type hatch in the heat shield would allow the crew to enter the space station through an Apollo-type proble and drogue hatch at the base of the spacecraft - a design very like the Soviet TKS. Much shorter than the MOL, the cargo module could be left attached to the station and the reentry vehicle return to earth on its own.


Craft.Crew Size: 2. Total Length: 8.3 m. Maximum Diameter: 3.0 m. Total Habitable Volume: 2.55 m3. Total Mass: 15,590 kg. Total Payload: 9,090 kg.


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