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Fengyun -

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Other Designations: Feng Yun. Class: Technology. Type: Weather. Nation: China.

Experimental weather satellite.


Total Mass: 815 kg.

Fengyun Chronology

06 September 1988 China 24 Launch Site: Taiyuan . Launch Vehicle: CZ-4A. Mass: 750 kg. Perigee: 833 km. Apogee: 936 km. Inclination: 99.2 deg.

Experimental weather S/C; new launch site; new L/V.

03 September 1990 China 28 Launch Site: Taiyuan . Launch Vehicle: CZ-4A. Mass: 881 kg. Perigee: 875 km. Apogee: 897 km. Inclination: 98.8 deg.
10 May 1999 Feng Yun 1C Launch Site: Taiyuan . Launch Vehicle: CZ-4B. Perigee: 847 km. Apogee: 869 km. Inclination: 98.8 deg.

Weather satellite. First launch of stretched CZ-4B booster.

25 June 2000 Fengyun-2 Launch Site: Xichang . Launch Vehicle: CZ-3. Perigee: 35,778 km. Apogee: 35,791 km. Inclination: 0.7 deg.

Second Fengyun-2 weather satellite, replacing the first FY-2 (retired in April after a three year service life). The spin-stabilised FY-2 fired its solid apogee motor early on Jun 26. By July 3, it was in a 35,791 x 35,804 km x 1.1 deg orbit drifting over the Pacific. Stationed at 104 deg E.


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