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Class: Military. Type: SDI. Nation: USA. Agency: U.S. Air Force.

Total Mass: 180 kg.

Eagle Chronology

19 May 1994 STEP 2 (SIDEX) Program: STEP. Launch Site: Edwards . Launch Vehicle: Pegasus. Mass: 180 kg. Perigee: 597 km. Apogee: 813 km. Inclination: 82.0 deg.

Did not achieve planned orbit, though still useful. Space craft engaged in investigation of spaceflight techniques and technology (US Cat A).

27 June 1994 STEP 1 Program: STEP. Launch Site: Vandenberg . Launch Vehicle: Pegasus XL. FAILURE: Destroyed on launch .

Destroyed on launch

22 October 1997 STEP-4 Program: STEP. Launch Site: Wallops Island . Launch Vehicle: Pegasus XL. Perigee: 432 km. Apogee: 500 km. Inclination: 45.0 deg.


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