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Manufacturer's Designation: S1035X. Class: Manned. Type: Space Suits. Nation: USSR. Manufacturer: Dave Clark.

The D-1 (S1035X) space suit assembly was developed to provide a functional all-soft suit technology demonstrator prototype model to be used for mobility system testing and evaluation. The design of the suit was based on the S1035 Advanced Crew Escape Suit (ACES) worn by Shuttle crew-members during launch and re-entry phases of flight, but was upgraded with specific mobility enhancements. The design objective for the D-1 suit was for a predominantly "all-soft" (i.e., fabric) suit system which incorporated minimal bearings and could operate at 3.75 psi pressure. The shoulder joint incorporated a cable-assisted, flat-patterned fabric joint system with an upper arm bearing. The upper arm bearings were the only bearings used in the D-1 suit. The waist/hip joint arrangement was similar in nature to the shoulder joint in the use of a flat-patterned fabric element coupled with a cable-assisted system. The elbow, knee, and ankle joints all utilized fabric, flat-patterned joint elements. The suit incorporated a horizontal, mid-body closure ring for donning and doffing. Additional ancillary items that were representative of an extra- vehicular suit configuration would be integrated into the D-1 configuration. The prototype D-1 suit assembly weighed 12 kg., exclusive of the ancillary extravehicular items.



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