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Chinese spacesuit
Chinese spacesuit - Chinese spacesuit in test, October 1999

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Class: Manned. Type: Space Suits. Nation: China.

Chinese astronauts have been shown training in a variety of space suits since 1978. The earliest suits resembled space shuttle EES suits. The later suits, after a technology agreement with Russia, resembled Soyuz Sokol suits.


Chinese spacesuitChinese spacesuit - Chinese astronaut enters pressure chamber to test new-design pressure suit, 1998.

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Chinese SpacesuitChinese Spacesuit - Chinese astronaut in spacesuit being prepared for test in altitude chamber, 1980.

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Chinese SeatChinese Seat - Chinese astronaut in spacesuit and high-G spacecraft seat, ca. 1980.

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Chinese AstronautChinese Astronaut - Chinese astronaut in pressure chamber spacesuit test, 1980.

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