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Voskhod Suit
Voskhod Suit -

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Class: Manned. Type: Space Suits. Nation: USSR. Manufacturer: Zvezda.

Berkut was a modified Vostok Sokol space suit. The needs of the cosmonaut were supplied not through the umbilical cord, but rather through a simple open-cycle environmental control system. Oxygen, used for both breathing and cooling, was contained in a metal backpack. A relief valve vented the suit into space, carrying away heat, moisture, exhaled carbon dioxide, and unconsumed oxygen. There were two relief valve pressure settings - 0.27 atmosphere or 0.40 atmosphere. Sufficient oxygen was carried for 45 minutes of depressurised activity. It was only worn on the Voskhod 2 flight, when Leonov had great difficulties in getting back into the airlock due to the suit's stiffness. It was only after switching to the lower relief valve pressure setting that, bathed in sweat, he was able to get the hatch of the inflatable airlock closed.


Voskhod 2 AirlockVoskhod 2 Airlock - Voskhod 2 Airlock and space suit

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Voskhod 2 EVA.Voskhod 2 EVA.

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