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Project 7969 Bell
Project 7969 Bell -

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Class: Manned. Type: Spacecraft. Nation: USA. Agency: USAF. Manufacturer: Bell.

Bell's preferred concept for the Air Force initial manned space project was the boost-glide vehicle they had been developing for the Dynasoar program. When pressed they considered briefly a minimum vehicle, spherical in shape, weighing about 1,400 kg. But their baseline was the Dynasoar approach - 'anything else would be a stunt'. It was expected that a first manned orbital flight of the boost-glide vehicle could be achieved five years after a go-ahead at a cost of $ 889 million.


Total Mass: 8,200 kg.


Project 7969 DesignsProject 7969 Designs - Project 7969 designs using extensive aerodynamic maneuvering. From left: North American X-15B; Bell Dynasoar; Northrop Dynasoar; Republic Demi body; Avco maneuverable drag cone.

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