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ATS-2 -

Credit: NASA. 17,820 bytes. 256 x 294 pixels.

Other Designations: Applications Technology Satellite. Class: Technology. Type: Communications. Nation: United States. Agency: NASA, NSF. Manufacturer: Hughes.

ATS-2 was placed into an undesirable orbit due to a launch vehicle failure. Atmospheric torques in this orbit overcame the satellite's gravity gradient stabilisation system, and caused a slow tumble. Although the satellite remained functional, the satellite was deactivated after six months due to the limited amount of data that could be received from the spacecraft. Spacecraft: Aluminum structure, drum solar array providing 125W BOL, 2 6 Ah NiCd batteries, gravity gradient stabilisation. Payload: Meteorological experiments, C-band communications package


Design Life: 3 years. Total Length: 1.8 m. Maximum Diameter: 1.4 m. Total Mass: 370 kg.

ATS-2 Chronology

06 April 1967 ATS 2 Program: ATS. Launch Site: Cape Canaveral . Launch Vehicle: SLV-3 Atlas / Agena D. FAILURE: Partial Failure. Mass: 370 kg. Perigee: 177 km. Apogee: 11,119 km. Inclination: 28.4 deg.

Launch vehicle failure left in useless orbit; communications tests.


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