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Ares - Dassault Ares Spaceplane

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Class: Spaceplane. Nation: France. Agency: ESA. Manufacturer: Aerospatiale.

Ares was a small 7-meter long delta wing spaceplane, proposed by Aerospatiale, weighing 2,000 kg. One version of Ares would perform subsonic landing tests; it would be carried by an aircraft or balloon and then be released at a high altitude. A second version would be launched into orbit on a Soyuz-class expendable launch vehicle and then perform a hypersonic reentry and landing. The Ares design was merged with the Dassault Vehra to produce a single French proposal for the EXTV technology demonstrator of the ESA Future Launcher Technology Program.


Maximum Diameter: 7.0 m. Total Mass: 2,000 kg.


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