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Apollo SLA Station
Apollo SLA Station
Apollo SLA Station compared to MOL

Credit: NASA. 10,998 bytes. 502 x 345 pixels.

Other Designations: Lunar Module Adapter Laboratory. Class: Manned. Type: Space Station. Nation: USA. Agency: NASA.

This was one of 18 conceptual designs published 25 April 1968 for the Earth-orbital spacecraft lunar module adapter laboratory prepared by spacecraft design experts of the MSC Advanced Spacecraft Technology Division. The configuration was developed to illustrate the extent to which the building block philosophy could be carried. It would utilize both Gemini and Apollo spacecraft and would require 2 unmanned launches and 10 manned logistic launches. The report was published 25 April 1968.

LAML StationLAML Station

Credit: NASA. 15,445 bytes. 509 x 515 pixels.


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