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Apollo 15 CSM
Apollo 15 CSM - Apollo 15 CSM over Lunar Surface

Credit: NASA. 19,085 bytes. 199 x 401 pixels.

Other Designations: Command Service Module. Class: Manned. Type: Lunar orbiter. Nation: USA. Agency: NASA. Manufacturer: North American.

The Apollo Command Service Module was the spacecraft developed by NASA for earth and lunar orbit missions. Block I command service modules, which lacked forward docking tunnels and hatches, never flew manned after the Apollo 204 fire killed its crew on the pad. Block II CSM's successfully ferried crews to the moon, to the Skylab space station, and to a joint docking with the Russian Soyuz. The Apollo was abandoned in favor of the shuttle to continue American manned spaceflight.


Unit Price $ : 77.00 million. Craft.Crew Size: 3. Total Length: 11.0 m. Maximum Diameter: 3.9 m. Total Habitable Volume: 6.17 m3. Total Mass: 30,329 kg. Total Propellants: 18,488 kg. Total RCS Impulse: 384,860.00 kgf-sec. Primary Engine Thrust: 9,979 kgf. Main Engine Propellants: N2O4/UDMH. Main Engine Isp: 314 sec. Total spacecraft delta v: 2,804 m/s. Electric system: 6.30 total average kW. Electric System: 690.00 total kWh. Electrical System: Fuel Cells.

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