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Apollo LM Lab
Apollo LM Lab -

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Other Designations: LM Lab. Class: Manned. Type: Space Station. Nation: USA. Manufacturer: Grumman.

Use of the Apollo LM as an earth-orbiting laboratory was proposed for Apollo Applications Programme missions. The LM would have its engines and propellants removed, providing space for up to 10 tonnes of scientific equipment. A specific version of the LM lab was the Apollo Telescope Mount.


Apollo LM Lab Chronology

01 August 1965 Grumman final report on a study of LEM utilization for AES Earth-orbit missions. Program: Apollo X.

Grumman submitted to NASA its final report on a study of AES for Earth-orbit missions (conducted under the firm's contract for a LEM utilization study). The five-volume report comprised general engineering studies, mission and configuration descriptions for different groups of experiments (both NASA's and those for the Air Force's Manned Orbiting- Laboratory), and a cost and schedule analysis. Additional Details: Grumman final report on a study of LEM utilization for AES Earth-orbit missions..

11 May 1966 Refurbished CSMs proposed for AAP. Program: Apollo X.

Replying to a suggestion by MSC Director Robert R. Gilruth that AAP capitalize on Apollo hardware to an even greater extent by using refurbished CSMs, Associate Administrator for Manned Space Flight George E. Mueller deferred any action toward implementing a competitive effort for such work. This was necessary, he said, because of the present unsettled nature of AAP planning. Additional Details: Refurbished CSMs proposed for AAP..

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