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Yuri Pavlovich Gidzenko Status: Active. Trained as: Cosmonaut. Profession: Pilot. Sex: Male. Marital Status: Married. Children: Two. Birth Date: 26 March 1962. Birth City: Elanetsky, Elanets. Birth State: Nikolayev. Birth Country: Ukraine. Nationality: Russian. Affiliation: Soviet Air Force. Group: 1987 Air Force Group. Detachment: TsPK-8. Date Selected: 06 October 1987. Number of Flights: 2. Total Time: 320.06 days. Number of EVAs: 2. Total EVA Time: 3.58 hours.

Call sign: Uran (Uranus).Official NASA Biography

NAME: Yuri Pavlovich Gidzenko (Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force Russia)
Cosmonaut of the Y.A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center

Born March 26, 1962 in the village Elanets, Elanetsky district, Nikolayev region. Resides in Star City. Married to Olga Vladimirovna (Shapovalova), born December 21, 1961. They have two sons. Gidzenko enjoys team sports, swimming, tennis and football. Gidzenko's parents, Pavel Vasilievich and Galina Mikhailovna, reside in the settlement of Berezovka, Odessa region.

Graduated from Kharkov Military Aviation College of Pilots in 1983. Graduated from Moscow State University of land-surveying and cartography in 1994.

Awarded three Armed Forces medals.

After graduation from Aviation College in 1983, served as a pilot and senior pilot in the Air Force. 3rd class military pilot.

December 1987 through June 1989, took the course of general space training. Starting September 1989 continued training in the group of test-cosmonauts.

Instructor of paradrop training. Fulfilled 145 parachute jumps.

From March through October 1994 trained for the 17th main mission and Euromir-94 flight as a commander of the backup crew.

From September 3, 1995 through February 29, 1996, Gidzenko was the commander of the Euromir-95 mission on the Russian Space Station Mir.

Gidzenko is presently in training as the Soyuz Commander for the International Space Station assembly mission 2R, along with fellow Russian Sergei Krikalev and NASA astronaut Bill Shepherd.

MAY 1997
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