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Vladimir Nikolayevich Dezhurov Status: Active. Trained as: Cosmonaut. Profession: Pilot. Sex: Male. Marital Status: Married. Children: Two. Birth Date: 30 July 1962. Birth City: Zubovo-Polyansk, Yavas. Birth State: Mordovia. Birth Country: Russia. Nationality: Russian. Affiliation: Soviet Air Force. Group: 1987 Air Force Group. Detachment: TsPK-8. Date Selected: 06 October 1987. Number of Flights: 1. Total Time: 115.36 days. Number of EVAs: 5. Total EVA Time: 18.75 hours.

Call sign: Uragan (Hurricane).

Official NASA Biography - 1997

NAME AND SURNAME: Vladimir Mkolaevich Dezhurov
Test Cosmonaut, Lieutenant Colonel. Resides in Star City.

30 June 1962, Yavas settlement, Zubovo-Polyansk district, Mordovia, Russia.

Nikolai Serafimovich Dezhurov, father, and Anna Vasilievna Dezhurova, mother, reside in Yavas settlement, Zubovo-Polyansk district, Mordovia, Russia.

Graduated from the S. I. Gritsevits Khalikov Higher Military Aviation School in 1983 with a flight engineer's diploma.

Married to Elena Valentinovna Dezhurova (nee Suprin). Their daughter, Anna, was born in 1983; their daughter, Svetlana, in 1987.

Awarded three Armed Forces medals.

After graduating from the aviation military school in 1983, he served as a pilot and senior pilot in the Air Force. In 1987, he was assigned to the Cosmonaut Training Center. From December 1987 to June 1989, he underwent a course of general space training. In September 1989, he continued training as a member of a group of test cosmonauts. Since 1991, he has been a correspondence student at the Yu. A Gagarin Air Force Academy. In March 1994, he began flight training as a commander of the primary crew of the Mir- 18 mission aboard the Soyuz- 21 transport vehicle and the Mir orbital station as part of the Mir-Shuttle program.

Flight Log

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