Great literature is simply language charged with meaning to the utmost possible degree. - Ezra Pound 1885-1972

The table of photoarchive's writers

Author Total Amount Source
Ahmatova A. 42
Collection: Russian classic,
"And to induce one to do his duty poesywithin me", M., Publishing House "Rainbow", 1984 .
E.Bagritsky 8
Poetry and poems
Publishing House "Sovetsky pisatel", M., 1964.
D. Bedniy 9
Collection of Poetry in 8 volumes.
Moscow, Publishing House "Khudozhestvennaya Literatura", 1965.(volumes 5, 6)
I. Bunin 55
1. A. Baborenko - I.A. Bunin. Data for biography (1870-1917). Second edition. Moscow, Publishing House "Khudozhestvennaya Literatura", 1983.
2. I.A. Bunin museum. Orel city, Oktyabrskiy street, 1.
D. Davydov; 37 Collected Works. Moscow, Publishing House "Khudozhestvennaya Literatura", 1962.
Dostoevsky F.; 64 Collected Works. Moscow, Publishing House "Molodaya Gvardiya", 1985.
Ivanov.V 21 Collection of Poetry in 4 volumes. Brussel, 1971
M. Lermontov 4 Collected Works in 4 volumes. Moscow, Publishing House "Khudozhestvennaya Literatura", 1964. (volumes 3, 4)
V. Mayakovsky 46 Collected Works in 6 volumes. Moscow, Library "Ogonyek", Publishing House "Pravda", 1973
Marshak S. 12 Collected Works in 8 volumes. Translation (english and scotch authores) Moscow, Publishing House "Khudozhestvennaya Literatura", 1969 (volumes 3)
Pushkin A. 116 Collected Works in 10 volumes. Moscow, Publishing House "Khudozhestvennaya Literatura", 1975
Pasternak B. 22 Poems. Moscow, Publishing House "Rainbow", 1990
F. Tyutchev 18 Selected Works. Moscow, "Moskovskiy Rabochiy", 1985

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Ahmatova A.
Bagritsky E.
Badniy D.
Bunin I.
Davidov D.
Dostoevsky F.
Ivanov V.I
Lermontov M.
Marshak S.
Mayakovsky V..
Pasternak B.
Pushkin A.S.
Tyutchev F..


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