If we had to say what writing is, we would define it essentially as an act of courage. - Cynthia Ozick

Other Resources. Library

  • "Sibir On-line" *

    This file is not available in English.

  • Aphoricon *

    Site of the short statements, i.e. quotations, aphorisms, definitions, Murphy's laws etc. Today this site contains: more than 1320 best quotations, more than 500 word definitions, nearly 1000 Murphy's Laws, 1000 ways of waste working time collection and 70 English proverbs.

  • Artikul - world poetry *

    The library contains poems of many poets from different countries, different epochs and different styles. It lists such others, as Rembo and Pasternak, Bairon and Fet.

  • BIS Project *

    This file is not available in English.

  • Camelot library *

    This library is a collection of famous Russian fiction, gathered by Sergey Bereznoi, St.Peterdburg. It represents such authors as Bulichev, Perumov, Strugatskie, Pelevin and others. Search is available. Last update on 1998.

  • Children's Library *

    This file is not available in English.

  • Common Text *

    This file is not available in English.

  • Library of DVGU *

    This file is not available in English.

  • Library of Russian poetry "Kovcheg" *

    This library was compiled by S. Perfilov. Main sections of the site are: "The Gold century of Russian poetry", "Mid of 19 century", "The Silver century of Russian poetry" and "Modern poetry". The collection is regularly updated.

  • Literary project "Vavilon" *

    This file is not available in English.

  • Literature *

    This file is not available in English

  • Magnifice of mystery *

    Antology of XVIII-XX centuries poetry devoted to St. Petersburg's outskirts: Tsarskoe selo (Zhar's village) and Pavlovsk. The site contains poems of famous Russian poets and an album of beautiful paintings of Imperior's gardens and parks by artists Martinov and Ostroumova-Lebedeva and poet Zhukovskiy.

  • Maxim Moshkov's Library *

    This file is not available in English.

  • Modern Russian poetry *

    This fil is not available in English

  • Oleg Aristov library *

    Library containes of tales of different peoples, Chinese mythes, and stories of famous authors. Most part of texts is represented as WinWord 6.0/95 files in ZIP-archive.

  • Online library *

    This library was created on 28.11.98 and since that time here were gathered hundreds of different books. Here you'll find detectives and love stories, fantasy and adventures. All texts are in MS Word 95 format.

  • Russian Classical Poetry *

    The library contains near 5000 poems. Most part of them is poetry of Russian poets of 19th and begining of 20th century (Pushkin, Lermontov, Tiutchev, Fet, Nekrasov, Mey, Blok, Gumilev and others). Foriegn authers are also represented.

  • Russian poetry in English translations *

    The site contains collection of Russain poems, translated into English. It already represents number of several Russain poets. The creator of the library adds forward information constantly.

  • Russian virtual library *

  • Russians' Poetic Speech *

    Modern folklore and colloquial music by Andre Broido. This site contains youth songbooks, poetry in barracks, translations of modern Russian pop and bard songs, studies in linguistics & poetics.

  • SovLit library *

    The site is devoted to Russian literature of XX century and contains artistic and other texts of that time, publishings, analyses, reference books etc.

  • Stihi *

    This file is not available in English.

  • Stihia *

    This file is not availble in english.

  • The Man's Library *

    This file is not available in English.

  • The Project "The Year 1812" *

    This file is not available in english

  • Voronezh's Library *

    This file is not availble in english.

  • Water-color painting *

    This library was founded in 1997. It contains "Literature of Silver age", "Classical literature", and other sections. There are intresting articles about poetry, and their amount grows regularly.

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