The salvation of mankind lies only in making everything the concern of all. - Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Children Literature Writers

Autors Amount Source
Balmont, K.D. 64  
Blok, A.A. 12  
Bunin, I.A. 8  
Cherny, S. 29  
Fet, A.A. 24  
Grebenka, E.P. 10  
Koltsov, A.V. 13  
Krylov, I.A. 192  
Lermontov, M. 1  
Mayakovsky, V.V. 9  
Maykov, A.N. 28  
Nekrasov, N.A. 6  
Nikitin, I.S. 10  
Pleshcheev, A.N. 18  
Pushkin, A.S. 7  
Tolstoy, A.K. 6  
Tsvetaeva, M.I. 3  
Tyutchev, F.I. 24  
Zhukovsky, V.A. 21  
Zhemchuzhnikov, A.M. 5  

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For Children

Balmont K.
Blok A.
Bunin I.
Cherny S.
Fet A.
Grebenka E.
Ershov P.
Koltsov A.
Krylov I.
Lermontov M.
Mayakovsky V.
Maykov A.
Nekrasov N.
Nikitin N.
Pleshcheev A.
Pushkin A.
Tolstoy A.
Tsvetaeva M.
Tyutchev F.
Zhukovsky V.
Zhemchuzhnikov A.


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