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Zinaida Nikolaevna Gippius(1865-1945)

Zinaida Nikolaevna Gippius was a poetess, a prosaic, and a critic. In her literary and social life, she was inseperable from Merezhkovsky.

Gippius put out several volumes of poetic compilations. In 1904, she published one compilation containing all her poetry from 1889 to 1904, and in 1910 she published another compilation containing all her poetry from 1903 to 1909. These two were followed by "Last Verses", published in 1918, "Verses", published in 1922, and "Radiance", published in 1938.

Six books of short stories and two novels comprise the whole of Gippius' artistic prose. The novel "The Bitter End" was published in 1911, and the novel "Roman-Tsarevich" was published in 1912. Gippius also defended Symbolist ideas as a critic in "Literary Journal" in 1908. This was written under the pseudonym Anton Krainy.

In 1920, Gippius emigrated from Russia. During this period, she worked on a two volume book of her own recollections entitled "Living Persons", which was published in 1925. The book "Dmitri Merezhkovsky" occupies a special place in Gippius' literary legacy.

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