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Valeriy Iakovlevich Bryusov (1873-1924)

  1. Poems of Brusov V. - 280 poems

Valeriy Iakovlevich Bryusov was a poet, a prosaic, a critic, and a literary leader. His fate was decided in 1889, when he became a part of the Decandent poetic movement.

In his journal in 1893 he wrote: "...Decadence. Yes! No matter if they call it false or humorous, it moves ahead, it develops, and the future will belong to it, especially once it finds a worthy leader. And that leader will be me! Yes, me! "

By the 1900's, he really had become the recognized theorist and leader of the Symbolist movement. In 1894, he founded a literary school, and published a book of poetry called "Russian Symbolists, Volume 1". Two more volumes followed this one. Bryusov printed his early poems under a pseudonym. Then he published his translation of Verlena's book "Romance without Words".

In 1885, the first compilation of Bryusov's poetry, entitled "Chefs d'Oeuvre" ("Masterpieces"), was published. In 1879, his second collection, entitled "Me eum esse" ("This is me"), was published. In 1900, the publishing house "Scorpion" published Bryusov's book "Tertia Vigilia" (Third Guard"). Bryusov considered this one of his best works. The next three of Bryusov's poetic compilations to be published were "Urbi et Orbi" ("To Hail and Harmony") in 1903, "Stephanos" ("Wreath") in 1906, and "Vse Napevy" ("Melodious Everything") in 1909.

From 1909 to 1910, the "Symbolist Crisis" took place. Bryusov's works during this period show the drama of his idealist and artistic goals. "Shady Mirror" was published in 1912, "Seven Colors of the Rainbow" in 1916, followed by "Ninth Stone," and "Dreams of Mankind".

In 1917 the October Revolution took place, and the years after this were a very difficult time for poetic literature. Bryusov published five more books: "Last Dreams," in 1920, "In These Days," in 1921, "An Instant," in 1922, "Distances" in 1922, and "Mea" ("Rush") in 1924.

The historical novels "Angel of Fire," "Alter of Victory," "Jupiter Defeated," as well as various translations and historical works all brought fame to Bryusov.

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