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Alexander Alexandrovich Blok (1880-1921)

Alexander Alexandrovich Blok was born on November 16th in the "Vice-Chancellor's house" of Petersburg University. His father, A.L. Blok, was a lawyer, philosopher, and a professor at the University of Varshav. His mother, Aleksandra Andreevna, was a children's writer, a translator, and the daughter of the prominent Botanist A.N. Beketov.

In 1891 Alexander Blok began his studies at Petersburg Introductory School. In 1898 he enrolled in the College of Law at Petersburg University, but in 1901 he switched to the Slavic-Russian department of the Historical-Philological College at this university. He graduated with his first degree in 1906.

Blok began to write and take an interest in theater at an early age. The first of his children's stories in prose and poetry that we have were written in 1887 and 1888. The first of Blok's works to be included in a poetic collection was dated October 21, 1897. It was entitled "Night Has Descended On the Earthå" 1903 was Blok's literary debut. His series entitled "From Consecration" was printed in the magazine "New Path", and later in the almanac "Northen Colors". His first book, "Verses about a Beautiful Lady", was written in 1904. Blok dedicated it to his wife, Lyubov Dmitrievna Blok, the daughter of the great scientist D.I. Mendeleev. Blok then came out with several poetic compilations and series. "Accidental Joy" came out in 1906, "Snow Mask" came out in 1907, "Land in the Snow" came out in 1908, "Night Hours" came out in 1911. The collections of children's poetry "Fairy Tale" and "All Year Round" came out in 1912, "Iambii" came out in 1919, "Grey Morning" came out in 1920, and "Adolescent Verses" came out in 1921.

Blok's attraction to the theater began with amateur productions in Shakhmatov, Dedov, and Boblov from 1896 to 1898. After 1899, Blok began taking part in Petersburg dramatic circles. In 1901 he took classes in poetic recitation at M.M. Chitau Theatrical School, and began to visit the university's Circle of Fine Literature. Blok wrote the dramas "King on the Square", "The Stranger", "Blaganchik", and others. He also wrote dramatic scenes that were successfully performed at the theater.

In the years after the revolution Blok was very involved in social and political journalism and in criticism. He wrote essays, lyric articles, he did historical and philosophical work, and wrote reviews.

In 1919 he was appointed President of administration of the Bolshoi Dramatic Theater. He took part in the Soviet Union's work as an artistic-literary worker. In 1920 Blok was elected to the Board of Directors of the Russian Writer's Union.

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