Those who write clearly have readers, those who write obscurely have commentators. - Camus


  • A Cuckoo

  • A willow is all fluffy...

  • Again invisible efforts...

  • Bell

  • Blades has shaked, flying...

  • From a jungle fogs timidly...

  • From jacks loud herons have waved...

  • I come to you with my regard...

  • It blow of warm wind...

  • Marvellous picture...

  • Mum! Have a look from windows...

  • Rainy summer

  • Rye rippens on the fields...

  • Sleep - yet by dawn...

  • Spring rain

  • Summer evening is silent and clear...

  • Swallows were gone...

  • The Air City

  • The Cat sings...

  • The Evening

  • The butterfly

  • The sunset says goodbye to Earth...

  • The warm wind is silently blowing...

  • Up to the lowest branches of the trees...

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