No man understands a deep book until he has seen and lived at least part of its contents. - Ezra Pound

Russian Literature of 19th century

Gold Age

     19th century in Russian literature is known as "Gold Age". The literature of this period is a unique, excellent and incomparable phenomenon. It rushed into world literature and became a certain last word in literature fashion.
      In the early century writing art moved away from court poetry and "album" poems. Lyrics became more humane and natural, features of master-poet appeared in the history of Russian literature. This age gave us such poets as : V.A. Zhukovsky, D.V. Davydov, P.A. Vyazemskiy, N.M. Yazykov, E.A. Baratynskiy, A.S. Pushkin, K.F. Ryleev, M.Yu. Lermontov, F.I.Tyutchev, A.A. Grigoriev, N.A. Nekrasov, A.K.Tolstoy, A.N. Pleshcheev, A.A. Fet and others.
      Just now in this section you can find more than 6000 literature works of different genres, like lyrics, epigrams, ballads, fairy tales, fables, Russian epics, comedies, poems, stories in verses. Some of this literature works by Tyutchev, Lermontov, Pushkin are translated to English.
      The work upon the content of this section is to be continued and in the nearest future we plan to publish poems of Lermontov and plays of Krylov. In future we intend to increase the number of translated to English poems, letters, biographies.

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Aksakov I.S.
Apukhtin A.N.
Baratynsky E.A.
Batyushkov K.N.
Benediktov V.
Davidov D.
Del'vig A.
Ershov P.P.
Fet A.
Grebeonka E.
Griboedov A.
Grigoriev A.A.
Koltsov A.
Krylov I.
Kurockin V.S.
Kuyhelbeker V.
Lermontov M.
Maykov A.
Mey L.
Nadson S.
Nekrasov N.
Nikitin I.
Ogarev N.
Pavlova K.
Pleshcheev A.
Polonsky Y.
Pushkin A.
Rostopchina E.
Soloviev V.S.
Surikov I.
Tolstoy A.
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