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  • Academservice - Tour Intel *

    This site provides several ways to find out about 160 hotels in Russia. As an added bonus, there is brief information about many cities and traveling tips.

  • Accommodations in Moscow: "The 7th Floor"

    The Russian Pedagogical University invites you to stay in their hotel which primarily serves visiting teachers, educators, and professors. However, it is ready to offer its facilities to businessmen and private visitors. The hotel is located in a quiet place within five minutes of leisurely walk from Yugo-Zapadnaya Metro station. Looking from the window you will enjoy the sight of Russian birch groves and a 16th century church.

  • Aeroflot *

    Every year Aeroflot carries over 110 million passengers on routes with the total length exceeding one million kilometres. Aeroflot offers you the opportunity to fly to 93 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. We shall be glad to welcome you on board the planes of our air comp

  • Aeronot *

    The aviation industry's indepth WWW server covering all areas of the aviation field including research, conferences, companies and academic institutions. It also provides information on Aeroflot and diagram of the Moscow Airport .

  • All the Hotels in Russia *

    This bilingual site provides information on hundreds of hotels, motels, hostels and other accomadations in many cities of Russia. There is also the ability to make reservations online at some hotels and other types of interesting travel information provided.

  • Cosmos *

    This full-service travel and limo company a full range of sightseeing packages that include exclusive tours of the city, ballet and theater events, gala dinners and receptions in picturesque royal palaces, picnics in the countryside, evening boat trips during the romantic White Nights season, and troika (sleigh) rides in the winter snow.

  • Hostel Holiday *

    The biggest and the most-visited hostel in St. Petersburg, Russia. It features a central location, easy access to public transport, affordable prices and great discounts. Contact for more information.

  • HotelWorld *

    This searchable and indexted hotel guide and reservation service features hotels worldwide including in Russia and most of the other NIS countries. Be sure to look under both Europe and Asia!

  • Moscow Hotels at Discounted Rates Online Booking *

    Book your Moscow hotel reservation online with no extra charge for the service and receive your confirmation in 24 hours. You may even qualify for a discount!

  • Sprachreisen Russland *

    Based in Switzerland, they have been collaborating with Moscow State University in providing high quality Russian language courses since 1993. They also organize travel throughout Russia and assist with visa formalities. This site is in English, German, French, and Italian .

  • St. Petersburg International Hostel *

    Gives useful information about the St. Petersburg International Hostel, Sindbad Travel, Russian Youth Hostels, Hostelling International, Russian and CIS visas, Russian Consulate addresses, budget travel advice to Russia, St. Petersburg, etc.

  • Tashkent, Uzbekistan First Class Hotels *

    If you are traveling to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, be sure to read this detailed report on first class hotels and restaurants in the area.

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