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Andrey and Masha Sebrant's Excursions

Andrey and Masha Sebrant made several wonderful trips including one to the Sub-Artic Urals in the summer of 1994, to the tiny village of Karelia located 1,000 miles north-north-west from Moscow for hiking in this beautiful wilderness and to Crimea in the Ukraine where there are palm trees and snow! Andrey has also authored a beautiful (and illustrated) slide show entitled Beauty of Russian North. Please take the time to visit these places through the eyes of the Sebrants.

  • Andrey's Travel Page - Russian Backcountry *

  • Beauty of Russian North - English language version

  • Beauty of Russian North - Russian language version

  • Crimea, Ukraine - Palms in the snow *

  • Karelia: a village among the lakes *

  • Maksatikha - rafting north on high water *

  • New Hampshire, USA *

  • St. Petersburg - The city of the water, the city on the waters *

  • Sub-Arctic Urals *

  • Other travel experiences

    Below are travel experiences that have been submitted to us by some of our site visitors. If you have documented a trip that you have taken and would like us to list it here, please let us know.

  • Chukotka Home Page *

    Patty Gray has put together a very nice site with photos, regional information and her experiences during her 1995-96 ethnographic fieldwork in Russia.

  • Dagestan, Wild Mountain Villages, Traditional People *

    Describes a 1992 trip by Paul Knott and others to this republic sandwiched between the Caucasus Mountains and the Caspian Sea.

  • Glaister: Cruising in Russia *

    The Glaister's have documented their trip to Russia in 1996 by yacht and have provided an abundance of information that will prove necessary for those who may wish to participate in "Cruising to Russia".

  • Greg Cole's Tour of China

    From September 1 - 14, 1996, Greg was in China visiting Beijing, Shanghai, Lanzhou, and Xi'an. We thought you might enjoy reading about some of his experiences.

  • Images of Uzbekistan *

    Garland Stephens has put together images and brief descriptions of his travels to this country. You have the option of audio comments.

  • Impressions of Russia and the Former Soviet Union *

    A fantastic site to visit if you have any interest whatsoever in Russia. This site is divided by region, and each region provides extensive historical, pictorial and geographical information with detailed descriptions of several major cities. The photography is wonderful and although it can take awhile to connect to some of the servers in Russia, it is well worth waiting for.

  • Keena's Virtual Tour of Siberia in Summer *

    Keena allows you to visit this part of the world and see the beauty of Siberia in the summer through wonderful photos.

  • My Russian Adventure *

    Skip Evans, the author of our Atlanta Life pages (accessible from Life in America of our Life section), chronicles his first visit to Moscow and St. Petersburg during the summer of 1997. The photos and stories of his travels are wonderful!

  • Ququariamba Photogallery *

    Read and view photos, from travelers, about trips to locations worldwide including the USA, Great Britain, Israel, Belgium, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland and other countries. Locations in the US include Death Valley in California, Virginia and Maryland. This site is in Russian only.

  • Russian Travels

    Nate Lipsen and his wife, Deb, provide a fascinating (and beautifully illustrated) journal of their trip to Siberia in August 1995 and their trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg in 1996.

  • Siberian Deal *

    An unusual project and trip across Siberia is described by its participants from Austria. The site includes photos and short movies.

  • Travels to Russia - Russia - Health Care System *

    Nate Lipsen shares thoughts and experiences of he and his wife about Russian health care from their several trips to Russia.

  • Welcome to the Russian Chronicles *

    A unique experiment in realtime, online, interactive photojournalism began September 11th, 1995 in Vladivostok, Russia, when Contact Press Images' photographer Gary Matoso and writer Lisa Dickey embarked upon a 5,000 mile, two month journey across the Russian heartland.

  • Window to Russia *

    This 1997 account of a trip to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novgorod is given by Dr. Chad Stebbins of Missouri Southern State College.

  • Yuzhn'i i Zapad'i America - A Tour of Southern and Western America *

    Pictures and an accounting through parts of the U.S from the "Russian point of view".

  • Please let us know of additional resources!

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